9 hours package full day Pablo Escobar tour including C13, museum, & barrio PE

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This tour will allow you to explore the places where Pablo was defeated by thecolombian government, the innovative comuna 13 slum, the community Pablo sponsored for the poor, and the museum created by Pablo´s brother.

Desde USD 225

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After you are collected privately at your hotel by your bilingual guide,this 9-hour tour takes you back in time and inside the life of Pablo Escobar, a man both loved and feared by millions of people. Learn how Medellin has turned the page by visiting 7 main sites: the Monaco Building, Catedral (Pablo´s prison), cemetery, the house where Escobar was killed, the new and innovative comuna 13 electrical escalators, the community Pablo donated to the poor, and the museum created by his brother Roberto Escobar.


Feel free to make a stop for lunch at one of the recommended venues (not included in price), there is enogh time to enjoy a local plate. Meals not included in price.

Aspectos importantes

Monaco building


Catedral (Pablo´s prison)




Rooftop at Los Olivos where Pablo was caught


Electrical escalators of comuna 13 


Pablo Escobar barrio (community he created for the poor)


Pablo Escobar museum


  1. Medellín